Welcome to your journey to wholeness
Dear friend, I am happy to be part of your journey to Wholeness. This path is healing in the same time your body, mind and spirit. The blessing of peace will create the space for healing your emotions and body aliements. Step with confidence, you are on the right path. I am here to offer my support in your metamorphosis process.
I can help you with...
  1. Nutrition coaching
    Nutrition is the basic step to take when you do changes into your life. Choosing vegetarian gourmet dishes, you will feel more satisfied and happy then ever.
  2. Lifestyle coaching
    During our lives we are challenged to increase our ability to accept and adapt to the events and persons around. The key way we can modify our reactions is to work with our perceptions. Five people can get up to 5 reactions to the same event happening in their lives, depending on what meaning they assign to it.
  3. Emotional healing
    Our habits are built on the emotional reward that we get after completing our routines. By understanding what are the triggers of starting the routines and by releasing the trapped emotions, we set ourselves out of the induced programming.
  4. Personalized plan
    Each person has his own developing path and the place where it is easiest to begin, Together we can plan this path with milestones and goals. Let's build together your healing and shining story!
  1. Nicoleta Adelina Ochesel
    Thank God that brought me through the special people in my life among who is and Alexandra! Only talking to her and I felt much better. Enlightened People offer light. I really found a true human person: honest, devoted and sensitive. The liver and intestine detox therapies and release of captive emotions taught by the person and the therapist Alexandra have really helped. Many thanks from deep within my soul!
    Nicoleta Adelina Ochesel
  2. Erwin Geiss
    Alexandra Ciurea is a highly motivated person. She has the drive and the energy only few people possess. Not only is she a "doer", she is also amazingly well organised. To have her on the team really makes all the difference for the outcome of the project.
    Erwin Geiss