My journey

“My BodyMindSoul experience started all the way back in the end of high school and continued during my University studies, when in a long, stressful and confusing period, all I could do was to sit quietly and pray. I was asking and thanking every day for the protection and guidance from Divinity. I tried several paths to regain my inner peace and harmony. After several years, I finally gained it by healing my emotions through Food, Pray, Energy Healing, Emotional Release and BodyMind understanding. Now I want to share my hard gained knowledge.
Easiest way to start the Jurney towards self-healing is learning about the qualities of food. I found that there are two elements which influence our wellbeing, but which also influence each other.  They are food and emotions. I found the solution in the beautiful Ayurvedic knowledge about the Body Types, also called Doshas. The three body types are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. By understanding your Body Type, you can understand your Energy Structure and by that you will find out the best foods to balance the state of health and of your Body-Mind-Soul state. “This will lift every aspect of your life to a higher level: personal relationships, work satisfaction, spiritual growth and social harmony”, explains Deepak Chopra in his book: ”Perfect Health”.
“Food is a powerful tool to alter our State of Mind, and Ayurveda explains how.”
I was motivated to learn the science behind Nutrition, and this led to me to getting certified at BodyMind Institute in Canada with: “101 Nutrition” by Lars Gustafsson and “Nutrition Certification” by David Wolf.
Besides all science, I learned on my path that our thoughts materialize into matter, into facts, into situations and into our life where they manifest themselves. And vice versa, our perception about the world materialize into our life form our thoughts and State of Mind.
I am still amazed of the energy that connects us. In good and difficult times, I came across the right people who both needed help and helped me. I want to teach how I regained my balance, within the framework explained in terms of Ayurveda.
The trip to India in 2015 autumn is my transformational experience.
I arrived in Art of Living International Ashram on 29th September for a Health Rebuild with Panchakarma and Spiritual Discovery following the Advance Courses designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Founder of the Organization. Through the blog posts I will share with you my Healing Journey in India.
Let’s start together the journey of Happiness and Healthiness by following together the Steps to fulfillment. 
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